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I work in a company and earn a salary of 12 L per annum. In my free time I consult for clients in India and USA. The consulting revenue too is approximately Rs. 12 L per annum. 

My doubt is, will my total revenue (salary plus consulting revenue) be considered for GST exemption? In that case it will be about 24 L by the end of the financial year.

Right now it has not touched that number for this financial year. Neither did it touch that figure last year.

So till I touch 20L, do I need to charge GST?

Any clarification will be much appreciated.



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watch_later 12/10/18

This is purely my opinion and should not be treated as a professional advice.

Services provided by an employee to employer are not considered as a supply of service.

So for purpose of GST, you need to consider only your consultancy services for Rs. 20 lakhs limit.

Since you are not crossing 20 lakhs, you need not to register under GST.


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