watch_later 15/02/19

Hi Support

While testing your API for "GSTIN VERIFICATION API", we have a few issues as follows :

  1. IF GSTIN Server stopped responding (GSTIN Server stopped working) what will be the response from your API. Because we have to display the proper message to our end users.
  2. IF your API stop responding (your API hosting Server stopped working) then what we will be the response from your API. Because we have to display proper message to our end users.
  3. There are few GSTINs like, 27AAACS8057J1ZO, against which your API generates an exception as, "The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request." while send request from our application. However, while invoking the same from POSTMAN we are receiving exception along with a json which are not getting at our application level. POSTMAN returns as follows :

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watch_later 18/02/19

This was solved through mail. Reposting for everyone.

In your test case GST number is wrong. So you got that message. However to sum up here are the response codes you will get.

401 - You are not authorized to access data. (IF API key is wrong)

402 - Trial is over, You need to recharge your account.(To recharge account)

400 - If GST number is wrong or GST server is down. In 99.99% cases GST number will be wrong. We are working to keep both these separate.

402 - Subscription period is over.

In case API does not response it will give code 400 with message "Bad Request".


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