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Q1. Can casual taxable dealer sending goods from kolkata [normal registered] to chennai fair [casual regd] on invoice raised on self i.e on himself charging igst for sending good to chennai fair.

Q2. If yes then can igst credit  be setoff subsequently with sale at fair at chennai fair.

Q3. After fair ends the remaining stock can be resent to kolkata by charging igst and set off with itc of igst with same dealer at kolkata.

Q4. If not then how we initiate first transaction from its home branch? On issue of voucher or raise igst tax invoice?

Home branch is in kolkata and goods taken to chennai casual dealer number in chennai. Now we have to take goods from home branch to chennai for fair show for display and sale.. How can we transfer that goods from kolkata to chennai ? With tax invoice with igst or else?    

After fair is over how stock can be sent to kolkata ,which process to apply and igst can be adjusted by casual dealer on above transactions.

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