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A Gst regsistered regular scheme dealer itc excess claimed notice for gst department difference between gstr2b/2a vs gstr3b previous years 18-19,19-20,20-21,21-22.if dealer input credit taken orginial invoices based itc claimed.


1.itc camparison provision applicable date 01-01-22 or previous years applicable.

2.itc excess clamied notice show amount tax pay compulsory.

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watch_later 11/01/23

This reply seems incorrect. If vendor did not file GSTR-1 prior to 01-01-2022 dated invoices, assessee can claim ITC even if not reflecting in GSTR-2B. You can provide invoice copy along with bank statement page showing payment to assessing officer in your reply.

watch_later 24/08/22

Eligible ITC is as per GSTR 2 A/2 B. This provision applicable from 01st June 2017.SO you will be eligible for ITC to the extent reflected in GSTR 2 A. Further In case any variance in GSTR 2A/2 B & GSTR 3 B then, you should find out the variance & should raise the debit note to the parties whose ITC not reflected in GSTR 2 B. For the time, you should demand additional time from STO by submitting bills whose ITC not reflected in GSTR 2B


watch_later 24/08/22

Itc claim difference between gstr3b vs gstr2a/2b f.y.18-19 rs:50,000 shortfall

F.y.19-20 rs:85,000/- shortfall

F.y.20-21 rs:3 lacs itc excess claim

F.y.21-22 rs:1 lacs itc claim excess.

Doubt: dealer itc claim excess-short fall difference amount tax pay compulsory

watch_later 27/08/22

In case not reflected in GSTR 2 A/2 B, it is mandatory to pay the shortfall as the ITC claimed is disallowed



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