watch_later 02/10/18

i am paying GST for renting an immovable property. I have an elevator in my building and for which i pay AMC with GST. Can I claim ITC? if yes---where? is it in GST3B?please suggest

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watch_later 04/12/18

Section 16 of the CGST Act  disallows input tax credit (ITC) on goods and services not intended to be used “in the course of business” or “for furtherance of business”.

In other words if GST paid on procurement of goods or services  for further supply of goods or service in your business than ITC on GST paid shall be availed.

Example;- If GST on Rent paid for business office place shall be Claim as ITC  by registered taxpayer.

As per above prescribed rule,  if service is for furtherance of business, than ITC paid on AMC can be claimed. 


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