watch_later 23/11/17

We have registered with a payment gateway called PAYU. From this portal we send payment links to our customers, who then make payments to PAYU portal through Net Banking/ Cards. When PAYU disburses the payment to us, they deduct their Charges + GST. My Query is 

1) Can we get ITC for the above ?

2) PAYU does not give us any monthly tax invoice for their service charges, they just give us reports for each transaction, where the received amount, their fees and GST is shown. So how to get ITC wihout Invoice.?

Please advice

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watch_later 24/11/17

Yes you are eligible for input credit.

Just, remember under GST you can take input of every expense incurred to run your business. (Except few such as food expenses, membership etc.)

You need to provide your GST number to PAYU they will upload in their GST return and you will get credit.

Not only PAYU even banks, Amazon etc. are asking for GST number.

If you have not given GST number then you will not get automated credit.


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