watch_later 10/07/17


The following changes are made in invoicing application:

State selection at the time of customer addition.

Product UOM selection at the time of product creation.

₹  (INR) Sign in invoice, BOS and DC print.

Amount in words in all documents.

Receipt booking against invoice.

Ledger creation to add bank account and other account such as TDS receivable against invoice.

These changes will be live from tonight 24:00.

Request everyone to change the UOM and State codes.

These changes are made so that at the time of return filing you have no issues in generating readymade data.

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watch_later 12/07/17

 May like to see an example:

                                   Values as shown in BOS printout                                          Correct Values should be  

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------          ----------------------------------

Product            Qty              UOM                    Rate         Total           Gross

AAA                23.0         KGS-Kilogram           58.0       1334.0 @        1334.0          23.0 x 58.0 = 1334.0  @ 

BBB                 2.0          UNT-Units               460.0         460.0   #        460.0             2.0 x 460.0 = 920.0   @ 

CCC                4.0          LTR-Litres               230.0         230.0   #        230.0              4.0 x 230.0 = 460.0   @  


@ = correct calculated value

# = incorrect calculated value

May please see the above example. Regards.

watch_later 13/07/17

Sir, I have located it. I have observed that while creating BOS, one has to enter the product Qty in decimal format only, then the Total as well as the Gross will be correct calculated values. Now it is OK.

The mobile no. and the email address filled in the Company's profile does not get printed on the BOS printout. May like to see also. Regards.


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