watch_later 08/08/17

Hi Everyone,

Following are the latest updates on KYG-Invoicing:

  • Return Data for filing GSTR-1

This information is only for sales invoices generated, you can use same data for filing Form GSTR-3B also.

Please note few things here:

  • Data will be displayed for all months (I am working to display data on weekly basis and option to display for user selected period).
  • To filter the data related to a particular month, type the name of month in Search box above the data. For example to filter all data related to July month, type July in search box.
  • The data can be exported into excel and you can directly copy each line item and paste it in different sections of GSTR-1.

This is raw data file with complete details, use you excel mastery to generated any type of reports you need.

Please test it with data you have punched till date and let me know if any changes required or you think adding something will help every other user.

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watch_later 09/08/17

Sir, I have used the KYG-Invoicing application for the month of July, 2017, its working nicely and its easy to use. Best for small & medium business community. Since I have opted for Composition Scheme, I have created BOS, taken BOS printouts and BOS list. Its OK. Lots of thanks to shri Pulkit Sharma for taking such a painfull task for small business community. Its realy commendable. Sir, I would like to make few sugestions: 1)   Rounding off of figures  2) BOS and Purchase print Lists may also contain following fields/columns as Sl. No., Name of Party, Party GSTIN, BOS/Invoice No., Date, Value of Goods, GST value, Invoice value. This will make the Sale as well as Purchase list perfect. Regards.


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