watch_later 20/02/18

Hi all,

Happy to inform that by this weekend a new design of KYG-Invoicing will be launched. Design of article, qa and other parts of site was already changed.

Now I was working on new design and functions on KYG-Invoicing.

Here are changes that will be made.

  1. Create Invoice/BOS/DC will open in same window.
  2. Dashboard will have sales chart, top 5 long dues
  3. Option to record payments for expense invoices
  4. Customer ledgers with payment and receipt tracking
  5. Faster
  6. Key matrices on dashboard
  7. More robust design

Since I am still working on it, you can give your suggestions. I will note them and try to include them before next release.

Further I need help from those who are already using this application. Once the new design is launched, can anyone record or write totorials on how to use application!!!

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watch_later 20/02/18

Good news. Yes Invoicing Design was not matching with overall site design.

Any plan to change invoice format?

Will Invoice have logo and direct PDF download option?


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