watch_later 13/05/21


A gst registered composite scheme dealer sales turnover Jan to march-21 turnover rs:5 lacs and tax paid rs:5000/- tax and cmp-08 return not filed.


Late fees for per day and which rate is interest paid and calculated procedure.

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watch_later 31/05/21

Form CMP-08 that was due by 18th April 2021 for January-March 2021 has been given a relaxation in the interest charges. No interest for filing on or before 8th May, interest reduced to 9% between 9th May and 23rd May, but charged at 18% thereafter.

Levy of late fees 

Sec 47 of CGST Act- 100/ day same under SGST Act which means in total 200/day subject to maximum of Rs. 5000. 


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