watch_later 26/07/17

Can you provide list of different billing software and online applications to generate GST Tax invoice?

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watch_later 26/07/17

On this website I have developed a billing software, and you can use it to generate GST Tax invoices.

However as you have asked for different invoicing applications, below are some of them.

  • Tally
  • Busy
  • Expert

Above are offline software. You need to purchase them and install on your system.

Different online invoice application are:

  • KnowyourGST Invoicing (KYG-Invoicing)
  • Quickbooks
watch_later 27/07/17

Here at InvoiceOcean - the easiest way to online Invoicing, we specialize in online invoicing. Even though we do not have a specific module for India, we do have plenty of customers from India. As our invoices are fully customizable and you can add/remove and adjust tax rates as much as you want, you can add any tax to your invoices. 

I.e. in the Netherlands there is three different values of VAT; 0%, 6%, and 21%. Some products/services fall into different categories. On our invoices, it is perfectly possible to add various levels of tax. As you can see on the image (click link) the invoice is fully compliant with the new regulations in India.


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