watch_later 12/10/17

I have a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and have not done any ROC filing for few years, now when I try to file the forms with ROC.

Form-11 and form-8, ROC website is showing late filing fee of more than 5 lakhs.

Is there any way I can avoid this late filing penalty?

I did not make 5 lakh turnover, but late filing fee is more than my turnover.

Why ROC is charging such huge late filing fee?

How do I avoid paying this huge fee?

Can this fee be waived by any way?

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watch_later 09/01/18

You cannot avoid late filing fee.

There is no way to save this fee.

Every day Rs. 100 has to be paid for each day of delay. Unless you file your form-8 or form-11 on time there is no way to save late filing fee.


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