watch_later 09/04/18

I am trying to login at MCA website with digital signature as a professional with business account.

I have restarted Emsigner downloaded from MCA website.

I am getting following error when trying to login at MCA site.

The smart card cannot perform the requested operations or the operation requires a different smart card.

epass2003 FT ePass2003Auto 1

I have installed all token drivers as required, but still getting Digital Signature Error on website.

What this error relates to and how to solve?

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watch_later 09/04/18

Even I got this error today while trying to login at MCA website.

I did not do anything to solve the issue.

Just click on cancel on error screen and after cancelling the signature selection screen will open. Select your DSC and provide password. It should work.

MCA website is a useless product to use released by government of India.


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