watch_later 09/05/18

From July 2018 onward MCA will start charging Rs. 100 per day as additional late filing fee for delay in filing of Annual returns.

As of now additional fee is charged as per slabs.

However from July 2018 onward fee will be charged as Rs. 100 per day for any delay.

  1. From when the late filing fee will be charged?
  2. Late filing fee will be charged for forms pending for previous years also?
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watch_later 09/05/18

This is a good move as people are more concerned about Income Taxes and GST but not ROC filings.

This will bring an awareness among stakeholders as they will have to file annual returns on time otherwise fee will be huge.

This provision will be applicable from July 2018 and for all years.

So, if you have anything to be filed for previous years, it is better to file those forms before June 2018 to avoid additional late filing fee.


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