watch_later 03/09/17

At the time of submitting Part B of the migration form, we have inadvertently entered the wrong excise registration no. In continuation to the same at the time of filing TRAN-1 form, error message of "Wrong Exise registration" is appearing.

We have tried amending the the migration form, but the same was rejected due to some validation error. However we didn't receive any mail from the GST portal stating what all validation errors are appearing.

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watch_later 03/09/17

You are stuck, GST is stuck. Government is ready to release forms and functions which benefits it. Common tax payers are just a Goat to be cut on Eid.

Write a mail to GST helpdesk and check if any help is possible.

Or wait for few days, amendments in any kind of registration is not possible as of now.

In few days government will release the amendment functionality.


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