watch_later 11/06/18

Dear Sir

I have  a problem if you can help me to solve i would be many thankful to you. We hav a firm having turnover of more then 1.5 cr yearly.  We were filling GSTR 1 Qtrly basis because we had by mistaken choosen qtlry. Up to March we have filed all 3B returns and have filled GSTR 1 up to Dec 17. But in march we have filled data of only for march in GSTR 1 by mistaken. Now i want to ask how to rectify this error because we have filled all 3 B up to March but have no upload the invoices for JAN and FEB in GSTR 1 . Please Help me 



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watch_later 12/06/18

You can upload those invoices in your next GSTR-1. For this financial year 2018-19 select monthly option and upload details of Jan and Feb invoices in April month GSTR-1.

There is no option to revise GSTR-1 so you are left with only one option to add these details in your succeeding GSTR-1.


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