watch_later 27/10/17


For the return month of  July 17,  some of my purchase invoices are missing in GSTR 2A.

Subsequently, I have entered those invoice details  in GSTR 2, under " Missing Invoice details "  and have submitted it but not yet filed the same. Shall I file the GSTR 2 now or should I wait  for the response from my supplier ?  Since 31st Oct is the last date for filing the GSTR 2, how shall I go about.

Further, since GSTR 1A could not be filed now ( i.e before 31.10.17 ), how my supplier will acknowledge my missing invoices reflected in his GSTR 1A ?  

While filing GSTR 3 for July 17 in the first week of  Nov 2017, what will be the status of my input credit with regard to the " Missing invoices " submitted in my GSTR 2.

Please advice me on the above  issues.

Thank you.


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watch_later 02/11/17

You should file your GSTR-2, anyhow date is extended to November 31 for July 2017.

Your supplier if does not accept or reject, it will be automatically accepted.

You will get input credit after you file your GSTR-2 and once GSTR-3 is open.


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