watch_later 29/01/22

Sec 44ada professional income it returns filed person it returns filed upto f.y.19-20.if a person sales of apartment transaction missing (not reported in it returns)in f.y.19-20.


1.sales of apartment missing  transaction show in f.y.20-21 accepted in it act.

2.f.y.19-20 revised returns accepted.

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watch_later 30/01/22

You need to revise the return.

Also first pay tax with interest.

watch_later 30/01/22

Sir , thanks reply


1.revised  it return in f.y.19-20 accepted online or offline filed.

2.brokerage and mortgage loan interest paid rs:5+8 total rs:13 lacs deducted sales of apartment value accepted.

watch_later 31/01/22

As of now revised return is not allowed on portal you need to file offline.

Yes you can deduct interest and other charges paid for property. Interest is incurred for property so it is deductible.


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