watch_later 06/08/17

Hi everyone,

There are many invoicing applications in market for generating GST invoices.

However I coded an invoicing application to generate GST invoices, step by step new functions are being added and as of now you can manage invoicing and receipts with this application, by this week I am hopeful of adding:

  • GSTR-3B reports to file return in form GSTR-3B
  • GSTR-1 reprots
  • Sales report raw file

However, as of now only 2150 people are using it. The number is very law, I did an analysis of people searching for GST invoicing software and found out that atleast 3 lakh people need this software.

Can you help to spread the awareness about KYG-Invoicing?

It is completely free to use, it is online and supported by experts.

Other bigger companies who are providing invoicing application are charging for it and have huge money to advertise their product.

However our invoicing application is free so does not generate any income and therefor no budget to advertise it.

If you see other invoicing application they have advertised in major online news portal, we do not have budget.

Will you suggest this invoicing application to your friends?

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But where are these tools available??


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