watch_later 17/06/20

we are purchasing vegitable & grain direct from farmers, we want to know about how to creat invoice & transport material to interstate


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watch_later 19/08/20

Dealers in APMC market who are dealing exclusively in exempt commodities (Nil Rated) i.e. food grain & Pulses sold under unregistered brand -name, are not required to obtain registration u/s 23 of CGST Act.

However due to fear & lack of awareness in market various Suppliers, Importers as well as millers are not ready to sell exempt goods to unregistered dealer exempt u/s 23.

Similarly Buyers are also not ready to purchase nil rated goods from such an unregistered dealer.

We have discussed the said matter with Commissioner of GST & he has appropriately clarified that there is no need of obtaining GST number for those who are dealing exclusively in nil rated food grains & pulses, He also clarified that there is no requirement of obtaining GST number of buyer as well as seller for making Interstate as well as Intrastate Purchase & Sale of nil rated food grains & pulses. There will be no liability under GST act 0n those who are either purchasing exempt goods from or selling exempt goods to unregistered dealers. Also there is no need to prepare E-way bill for intrastate as well as interstate transportation of Exempt goods.

Thus considering above we hereby appeal all the Customers, Suppliers, Millers, importers, Canvassing Agents, Brokers as well as transporters to continue purchase, Safe & transport of nil rated food grains & pulses from unregistered dealers without GST number only by obtaining their PAN number.

Since Government have only given us exemption u/s 23 of CGST Act, thus there i5 question of registering under GST Act or compulsorily obtain GST number for purchase or sale of nil rated commodities i.e. Food Grains & Pulses sold under unregistered Brand name.

We once again appeal all the concerned parties to kindly cooperate & continue dealing with our unregistered dealers without forcing them to give GST number for purchase or sale of Exempt commodities i.e. Good grains & pulses sold under unregistered brand name.


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