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One of my friend is doing servicing of printers and accessories, with a total income of less than Rs. 2,00,000/- per annum,

One of his customer, a company, has deducted TDS, on their payment in the Financial Year 2016 - 17, for which my friend has been served a notice by the Income tax department, asking for his income details.

Unfortunately, he could not file the returns before 31.03.2018.

Now, what is the way out and is there any possibility to get the refund of the TDS amount ? ( The total TDS amount is less than Rs. 1000/- for the whole year )

Can he file a manual return ? What will be the consequences for non-filing of return before 31.03.2018. Pls, advice. 

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watch_later 02/04/18

Filing of income tax return is compulsory if taxable income is above minimum limit. There will be no action taken if return is not filed.

However your friend will not get refund of TDS deducted.

Due to change in rules, now even manual return will not be accepted.

However if you have received a notice, you can file it return against that notice and system will accept it.


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