watch_later 22/12/17

I had filed my October month GSTR-3B return on 20/11/2017, and even received mail from GST portal and got ARN. However even my status for October month was changed from FILED to SUBMITTED.

I called GST helpdesk, but no one answered. 

Here is the mail that I received when filed October return on time.

Dear Applicant/ Taxpayer, 

You have successfully filed the Return (GSTR-3B) for 102017. Date & Time stamping of filing of the return is 20/11/2017 19:56.

Login into your account for any further details.

Best Regards,
Government of Tamilnadu
Commercial Taxes Department

You can check above mail which is for October month filing and filed on time.

Again when I tried to file my November month GSTR-3B, I got error message that return for previous month was not filed.

I had file my October month return again. You can check the mail that I received again for refiling.

Dear Applicant/ Taxpayer, 

its really surprising to see GST portal has not recovered from technical faults and tax payers are suffering. Clients are losing faith in consultants.

I had to pay late filing fee of Rs. 1500 for fault of GST network. what do i do

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watch_later 25/12/17

It is GST portal error and tax payers are suffering because of it. GSTN should remove late filing provisions till their system starts working properly.


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