watch_later 12/03/18

Dear Sir,

I raise an invoice to my customer for the supply of industrial chemicals as  Example : 200 ltrs x Rs.100/Ltr =20000 + cgst 1800+ sgst 1800 total invoice value = Rs.23000 .

I hire an auto and deliver the goods as I agreed for door delivery.

My question is 

(1) Can I claim the expenses as transportation out ward ?

(2) Will my customer suffer RCM for my expenses as the Rs.100/ Ltr  means inclusive of delivery charges ?

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watch_later 12/03/18

RCM is applicable only on GTA services and one who pays to GTA needs to remit tax under RCM.

First auto does not comes under GTA, so here no question of RCM arises.

Second, even if it was not through auto and GTA, you are liable to pay under RCM as you have made payment to auto/GTA.

In this case no one need to pay tax under RCM.


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