watch_later 05/11/17

I filed a form on MCA website for ROC filing.

I paid the challan amount using ICICI bank internet banking.

However amount is debited in my bank account, but challan is not generated.

I have contacted ICICI bank branch but they are not able to answer properly.

What should I do? How to generate challan for fee paid?

Do I have to pay again?

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watch_later 05/11/17

This is the issue with ICICI bank.

I pay using my SBI account and challan is generated instantly.

However with ICICI bank, challan generation takes 24 hours. You do not have to make double payment. Wait for 24 hours, your amount will be intimated to MCA server and challan will be generated.

You can check your payment status after 24 hours and download the challan.


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