watch_later 30/04/18

PAN and Legal Name is not matching with CBDT database. Please submit PAN and Legal Name after validating with CBDT database

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watch_later 30/04/18

In legal name of business ,write the name as printed on PAN.

Kindly ensure that Spelling of both is same

watch_later 30/04/18

You need to provide legal name as provided at the time of getting your PAN card. In PAN application we have option to give legal name and name to be printed on card.

Chances are that you gave a different name for print.

For example, suppose Gagan Jain applied for PAN. In application legal name was given as Gagan Kumar Jain but for printing only Gagan Jain.

So name on PAN will display as GAGAN JAIN which is not correct legal name.

You need to find out correct legal name as per CBDT database.

Login to income tax website with this pan and in profile check full name and that will be the legal name.


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