watch_later 20/12/17

I work in a company and getting HRA.

I pay around 2.5 lakh rent every year.

Do I have to get PAN number of landlord and give it to company?

What will happen if landlord does not have PAN or he does not provide his PAN number to me?

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watch_later 20/12/17

If you are working in a company and under employment you are getting HRA for more than 1 lakh each year than you have to provide following documents to your employers:

  • Rent paid receipts of each month
  • For cash payment of rent revenue stamp has to be affixed on rent receipts
  • PAN of landlord or a self declaration in case no PAN is available
  • Name, address and signature of landlord

It is compulsory to provide PAN number of landlord in case rent amount in a year is more than Rs. 1,00,000.

If landlord does not have PAN than you need to obtain a self declaration from landlord. If he does not give his PAN than same should be notified to company.

watch_later 20/12/17

If you are in employment and getting HRA more than 3000 per month than you have to submit rent payment proofs otherwise no proofs are required to be submitted.

Since you are getting HRA more than 3000 per month, you have to submit proof of rent payments.

You need to submit rent paid receipts to your employer along with PAN number of landlord.

If landlord does not have PAN then you need to submit a declaration from landlord.

Declaration can be taken on a simple paper stating the fact of no PAN available with him.


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