I filled up the Part-A and got the goods booked with the transporter. He has NOT filled the Part-B and issued a GR and moved the goods. The goods have reached its destination but still, the transporter has not filed the part-B. What should I do? He is not interested in filling the Part-B.

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watch_later 20/06/18

part b ofPart b of e-way bill can be filed by 1. consignor 2. consignee and 3. transporter - Shashi Singh

It still requires the vehicle number also to be filled.

watch_later 20/06/18

You are providing the input tax credit to your buyer. waybill is checked on the road only. once your dispatch is done the purpose of way bill is over. Next you should write the GR no of the transporter in the part B details. It will be done.

No, I do not have the vehicle number. It would have had been easily done by me if I would have had that number. I only have the Goods Receipt.


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