watch_later 17/01/18

Hi Pulkit,

I am new seller on Amazon/Ebay Portal. My Turnover is around 2Laks/Month(10Laks till Dec). I Started From July But i didn't Paid GST till date.Now i am getting Notice from the Commercial Tax departments.

I am selling electronics Goods and Importing. Wholesaler has not provided the Purchase Invoice to me,Can we make invoice on behalf of my supplier.

In That case how  much % GST i need to show.I have many question regarding this.

Can you share your contact details or Can you please Call me on 07899363763.

I am staying in Bangalore, Please provide the  your address,if can meet you.

Best Regards,

Ranjan Raj


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watch_later 18/01/18

Hi Ranjan,

You need to charge GST on your all outward supplies (sales) and pay this amount to government.

You mentioned wholesaler has no given you invoice, you are talking about exporter or local wholesaler?

If it is local wholesaler then if he is registered under GST, then it is advised to collect invoice from him. Otherwise you will be liable for tax payment on RCM basis (up to March 2018 RCM provisions are deferred).

Immediate action for you should be to pay your tax liability to government.


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