watch_later 04/01/18

Hi, i have a personal PayPal account and i used it to send some money to a friend who lives in USA.

Today i received a mail from PayPal that my December tax invoice is now available.

It said the following -

"You can now download the latest monthly tax invoice to see a summary of the GST charges for the payments you have received for December."

I don't understand what to do with it. I don't have a GST number as well.

Can you please help.

Thank you.

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watch_later 04/01/18

Paypal is supplying services in India and hence had to take GST registration and charge GST on its fee. There is nothing to worry about. Paypal has already deducted their fee and this is only invoice for you.

If you are not running a business, you do not have to do anything since your account is personal.

watch_later 12/12/20

Hello I am Providing only IT Services Like a Dedicated Servers/VPS/Hosting Such services Similar To a my all clients 100% From a Foreign Locations like a Italy/USA etc...And i am from a india..

I Am Taking payments via Payonner/PayPal From such a oversea Clients...I Also have a LUT Registration+GST Number+Current Account+FIRC Assured by CITI Bank For PayPAl Payments..And have a IEC Registration.

At the same time i also have to purchase some services From Foreign Country like a UK/USA...I Purchase such services via My Credit Cards And Each month Paying a RCM of 18% For such Purchases..[My CA told me it will be Refundable..All paid RCM]

Even i applied for a GST Refund RFD-01....But the Officer Told me he want a Gross Amount FIRC...[PayPal/CITI Bank Official Told me they do issue only Inward Amount which you have received on yours bank....they Do not offer a Gross Amount FIRCs]


So Basically my problem is i applied for 4.16Lakh Refund [Refund Of ITC On Export Of Goods-Services  Without Payment of TAX]

But Officer Told me he will claim 3.16Lakh here i do not know why he deducting 1 Lakh....Even i provided each month PayPal Provided GST Invoices but still

Can You Please suggest me now what i have to do??


Really Worried about my GST Refund since its almost 1L Loss...Directly


Waiting for yours Quick Update...Solution


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