watch_later 09/06/20

Hello Sir

I am planning to start my online business of ladies handbags. I am from Rajasthan and have registered for GST. I have a question which is bothering me. Please help

My GST Registration was done at Bikaner City. Primary Place of Business is my Home Address in Bikaner. However i will be conducting my operations from Jaipur. No operations will be done from Bikaner.

is there any legal problem in conducting online business from a place which is not primary place of business as registered under GST

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watch_later 26/08/20

Since Bikaner and Jaipur both are in the State of Rajasthan no fresh registration is reuired. However, the Jaipur address needs to be added in additional place of business by amending the registration online. For any other further queries directly write to us on or whatsapp on 8248488569


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