watch_later 07/06/18

Hi, I have not filed any GST return till date (I was ignorant). I have a business which has a turnover of less than 1.5 crore. I got my GST number in July 2017. Can anyone please let me know how much late fee I would need to pay now. I will file my return by end of June 2018.


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watch_later 15/06/18


you have to file gst return even if there is no liability. regarding your query of late fee, when you will be filing gst return, the system will automatic calculate the same. For your reference, for the month  of July and August GSTR-3B- no late fee

sept onwards- Rs. 10 CGST and Rs. 10 SGST per day (in case of Nil return), Max. -5000

                       - Rs. 25 CGST and Rs. 25 SGST per day (in case of Nil return), Max- 5000



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