watch_later 22/04/18

Customer Name Rectification,Customer Deletion

Product deletion,it will become long list of products that are in market and are not in market that we sell,forth please provide us delete request you for the delete option

Invoice Receipt & Invoice payment seems to be very complicated and seems to be time consuming cant even delete if any mistake


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watch_later 22/04/18

Hi Suraj,

Thank you for concerns and suggestions.

Deletion will not be possible as of now. Will work on some solution. Instead of delete will have option to hide unused products and customers.

Regarding Receipt and Payments, yes agreed it needs some immediate changes. Will make a video on how to use Receipts and payments options.

Further if any mistake is made, there is no option to correct it. Even I am suffering with it :)

By this weekend will code and release a dashboard for payments and receipts which can be edited and deleted.

Thank you


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