watch_later 08/01/18

Respected Sir,

1) Do we have to raise self invoice for the labour job done by local unregistered person?

2) Another question is that, a worker does job work at our manufacturing unit. We pay him labour charges by cheque? It sometimes amounts to Rs. 25000/- pm. Does this attract RCM? If so, do we have raise self invoice.? If yes, what are the details to be provided in such bill


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watch_later 08/01/18

Yes as per GST rules for services or goods supplied from an unregistered person you have to create a tax invoice and charge tax under RCM subject to limit of Rs. 5,000.

Since RCM provisions are deferred till March 2018, you need to create only invoice without tax.

You need to create an invoice in similar manner you create a sales invoice, only difference being recipient and supplier being same.

Further you have to furnish details of these invoices created under RCM in GSTR-1 also.


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