watch_later 19/03/18

Dear sir,

I have two queries -:

1.In Restaurant we are Currently charging 5% gst  can we claim input related to purchases of restaurant. If we have to claim Input What should we do change gst rate or something else.

2.Related to Hotels as per information room tariff above 1000 to 2500 charges at 12% and 2500 to 7500 at 18% ,7500 and above  at28%.

Our tariff are below 7500 so charging mostly 12 % .

How can we claim Input on part of Hotels.

Pls Guide sir in both scenerios will be very thankful to you.


Amit Lamba

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watch_later 19/03/18

On restaurant the rate of tax is 5% and you cannot avail input tax credit.

Regarding hotel charges, yes you can avail input tax credit on all your expenses.


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