watch_later 15/10/17

Hi Sir/Mam,


The press release of notification on 13th October 2017 regarding RCM is applicable from which month? We had a clear view regarding RCM what they have mentioned in the notification it is applicable from 13th October 2017 until 31st March 2018 but what we are bothering about is whether it is applicable for September month also as we had to make the payments by October 20th including RCM or Excluding RCM when calculating the liability of GST for the month of September.

Can u please help out of this as soon as possible.


Thanks & Regards,                                                                                                       Kasi


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watch_later 16/10/17

The notification is applicable from 13th October 2017 and so for supplies received up to 13 October, 2017 we have to make payment of GST under RCM.


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