watch_later 21/08/17

I am a consultant & giving services to accounts. Serives started from July 2017 & applied for GST registration. GST registration recevied in August 2017, effective from 11.08.2017.

I have raised bill for July 2017 with GST. Now in GST portal July period is not showing.

How to upload July 2017 Bill in GST portal.


Please help & provide solution


S S Rathor

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watch_later 21/08/17

You are not registered in GST for the period of July, 2017 so you cannot raise the Invoice under GST.

Option 1: Revise the bill without GST and give to your client and set off the amount

Option 2: Revise the bill and it shall be dated after 11.08.2017 with GST and ask the client to take the credit in the month of AUGUST.


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