watch_later 29/12/17
One of my client is a migrated tax payer and registered as Regular tax payer.
But in the month of august my accountant opted in for the composition scheme on 13/08/2017.
We came to know that accountant made a mistake and we waited for the withdrawl from composition scheme until september month.
During the month of October (say 3rd october) we opted out from the composition scheme with effect from 14/08/2017 and we filed GST CMP - 04 for withdrawl.
During the month of October, We filed the returns (Regular tax payer Returns) for the month of July, August, September to till date.
But Now July month Regular return is not showing in the GST portal. (Already data filed but now its not showing)
It is saying that  01/07/2017 to 13/08/2017 - Composition
                          14/08/2017  to till date      -  Regular   Returns has to file.
I opted in and opted out the composition scheme only in the month of August but there is no effect in the month of JULY.
But it is not showing JULY month Regular return in the portal.
Practically speaking for the one day only I opted composition scheme i.e on 13/08/2017 and I withdrawn on 14/08/2017.
So for the remaining period I was in Regular Tax payer scheme but portal is not allowing to file the regular return for the month of JULY 2017.
Kindly help me of the issue. Please do the needful.
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watch_later 29/12/17

You are saying you already filed return for month of July but return is not showing.

If you are able to file August month return and onward, you should not have any issue.

When you filed return for the month of July you must have received an email, keep a copy of that for future reference. There are number of corrections that are yet to be done at GST portal and it could be one of those reasons.

You need to immediately contact helpdesk with your query and supporting. GST technical team is making changes every day on portal based on user inputs.

This to me looks a technical error more than a regulatory requirement.


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