watch_later 01/11/17


Late fee of GSTR 3B of August & September is waived but the server is not updated till now. I submitted my GSTR 3B of August & it include the late fee as liability.

So, I request you to remove liability of late fine which was auto generated after submitting, as soon as possible, because GSTR 3B of October will be started from 1st November & we are not able to file the previous GSTR 3B of August & September. Please remove the late fee of submitted GSTR 3B of August. 

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watch_later 02/11/17

Once return is submitted, details cannot be edited. Unless government allows editing of return, it is not possible to file the return.

You have to pay the fee and file your return.

Though the late filing fee will be refunded to your electronic ledger.


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