watch_later 21/07/17

For Rental we should get the Bill from Landlord whether they have registered or not registered.

GST registered Landlord they are providing the bill with Sgst/Ugst/Cgst/Igst according to their GST registration.

not registered Landlord without bill how we have to account if we deal with them any additional exp to us.

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watch_later 21/07/17

Pls note the following:

1) Renting for residential purpose shall not attract GST (Ref: Not. No.12/2017 of CGST Act).

2) Whereas commercial renting will attract GST and if the Landlord is not regd., the recipient of service should pay GST under RCM and he is able to take the credit of such GST. ( Ref: subsection (4) of Sec.9 of CGST Act).


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