watch_later 09/10/17

I am a GST registered  mutual fund distributor & Stock sub broker (less than 20 lacs) based at Tamilnadu my doubt is

1) which return I need to submit GSTR3B OR GSTR 1 /2/3?

2) After this latest GST council meeting Service providers with less than 20 lacs are exempted in paying GST is this applicable for me?

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watch_later 09/10/17

You have to file both GSTR-3B and GSTR-1/2/3.

GSTR-3B is the temporary return which was proposed for few months (up to December 2017).

Thereafter there be no GSTR-3B.

However GSTR1/2/3 are normal returns and you need to file these returns.

The announcement of 20 lakhs is applicable to everyone.


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