watch_later 03/12/18

Dear Sir,

I have a trading unit. I supply salt in industry and it is tax fee item and i have own vehicle. So i add freight outward in sales invoice (salt + freight). Please tell me what is sac/hsn code for fright than it shows in GST side.

Thanks & Regards

Manoj Kumar

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watch_later 04/12/18

Dear Manoj,

You are providing freight service of Salt that comes under Exempt Category of Tax vide Notification 12/2017, central tax rate dated 28.06.2017, so you can use SAC as 996511. 


watch_later 28/03/19

Dear Manoj,

Here's a list SAC code for GST. You can refer this list to know more about SAC codes for GST and their services.

Thank you.


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