watch_later 19/04/18

How can we generate e way bill when we do sale in transit.which party detail should be given. 

for example : i purchase goods from indore and my registered office is in mumbai and i sale the goods in transit in Pune to some other party.Now how to generate e way bill. i dont want my purchasing party to know about the selling party. This is done to save transportation cost up to Mumbai and directly getting the delivery to Pune or any other area(can be in other states also.)

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watch_later 19/04/18

In case of sales in transit, 2 E-way bills have to be generated as per E-way rules.

Seller will issue E-way bill to your from his address to your address and then you will issue another E-way bill from your address to ultimate buyer's address. However goods can be transported directly to buyer's address.


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