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A Gst registered composite scheme dealer sale turnover rs:58 lacs show in gst returns in f.y. 20-21 (GST RETURNS CMP-08 AND GSTR4A FILED). sales turnover rs:58 lacs cash  mode receipts sales.but dealer rs:8 lacs sales turnover  online mode  turnover not declared.(google pay and phone pay ,payteam mode received).


1.Dealer sale turnover declared rs:58  lacs or (rs:58+8) rs:64 lacs in it returns in f.y. 20-21.

2.Dealer sales turnover declared rs:8 lacs difference amount how the show procedure in gst returns in f.y. 20-21


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watch_later 30/01/22

You can show the amount in annual return. If missed in annual return also then show in the current year but pay tax with interest.

See this is the problem with GST portal, cannot revise return even if it's in benefit to government.

watch_later 30/01/22

Difference turnover tax  amount DRC-03 pay  correct procedure.


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