watch_later 27/12/19

Dear Sir,

I am an 3d animator by profession.But in my free time I do paintings.I want to sell these on e-commerce portal.I didn't do it before.So I don't have any business name.So how to get GST number.In registration form what is 'legal name of business indicated in PAN no'?I have only PAN no.No business name on PAN.What is 'indicate existing registration'?Thanks for your help.


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watch_later 26/01/20

Dear Subir Santra,

This side Ashish from Aarti Accounting Solution. You can surely sell your Art on Big E commerce platform such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

However, If you are facing issues in Gst Registration process then you may contact us by click here: Aarti Accounting Solution/Contact Us.

Or Simply click here to get your Gst Registered under One Weak In just Rs. 449/- only


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