watch_later 31/08/18

Dear All,

I have some issue in GST billing. We are service receiver.

Service Provider : Haryana Location

Service Receiver (Our) : Delhi Location

Place of Service : Haryana


We have no GST registration in Haryana so we request vendor to bill to our Delhi Location with IGST but vendor is denying. Vendor has raised Invoice from Haryana to Delhi with CGST-SGST but in that case we will lose GST Credit.

Can vendor billed to our Delhi Location with IGST.

Please provide solution.

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watch_later 01/09/18

You have not specified nature of service.

If service is related to immovable property then what vendor has done is correct.

If it is a professional service or other service not attached to an immovable asset (such as land and building, hotels etc.) then your vendor should charge IGST as place of service becomes registered place of recipient of service.


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