watch_later 15/06/18

The service available in your portal allows users to search GST no. by name. I would like to know if we can have bulk search of GST no. name. I would also need the address to confirm if the Person selected is correct.

Pls. provide your quote for the same.  


Jignesh Divecha


ONE (Ocean Network Express) Line (India) Private Limited

AGM Finance

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watch_later 15/06/18

Hi Jignesh,

We have API, and bulk search facility for searching details with GST number.

Bulk search by name is not available and I am afraid that it will never be available.

Reason being that GSTN (body managing GST technology) has not released any API or facility to search with name.

At this site we have collected data from different sources and it is not complete. As of now we have details of around 37 lakh tax payers. But in reality there are around 95 lakh registered tax payers.

So, it will not be a good idea to charge for incomplete service.

However you can opt for bulk search or API search using GST numbers.

watch_later 18/06/18

Thank you very much for the message. According to the explanation provided, this is a free service, unless we need some bulk search features. Our requirement is daily we search some 5-10 customers for GST no. by name. This service is good and we want it to continue. Hence, if there is some free trial, we want to continue and if there are some charges, we are ready to pay it. Thank you. Awaiting yours. Regards Jignesh Divecha +91 9619880319


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