watch_later 04/04/18

Dear Experts,

As we know, we have to pay professional tax to commercial tax department in April by 20th of every year as we are the registered dealer in VAT act.

Is this applicable current year also? or we no need to pay as we covered under GST act.

Kindly let me know.

Thanks in Advance.

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watch_later 04/04/18

I agree sir, But when we pay the PT, the vat site is asking only the TIN no to remit. What about GST dealer who registered after July 2017?

watch_later 04/04/18

Professional taxes are state specific laws.

Professional taxes are not subsumed in GST and are very much applicable even today.

You need to pay professional tax with PT department like every year.

watch_later 04/04/18

Yes PT is applicable even this year.

PT is to be paid in April for financial year 2018-19 by every person if applicable.

PT is not taken over by GST and Professional Tax laws are still applicable.

For example, in Karnataka due date for PT payment is 30 April for financial year 2018-19.


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