watch_later 27/04/18

Why you provide free billing software?

How is our data safe?

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watch_later 27/04/18

I am a CA by profession, and coding is my hobby and now becoming a passion. I code because I love to code. I try to create software for every solution.

I do not like tally, I wanted something that can be accessed from any place. So, I created a software (web application) for my own use.

Even before GST, I had an accounting software in excel and was using that. Even excel accounting software was available for free.

You can check those free version here:

Uploaded at caclubinda ( This was first version )

Uploaded at Tikshare (Final version)

But, excel has its own limitations and mean while even I learned coding using Python. Python is a full fledged programming language. So, instead of Excel I created a billing software and made it available online for free.

You can use it for free forever. Creating bills will never cost you.

Now coming to your question, why it is free?

It's free because cost is recovered by showing advertisements on Blog posts and Question & answers.

I need to generate revenue from this website only to cover my costs. Advertisements displayed on this website, covers the cost.

So, my plan is to generate revenue from ads on website. (No ads are shown in invoicing application).

How is our data safe?

Your data is stored in cloud servers owned by world renowned company. No one can access your data except you.

Your data is transmitted using SSL encryption and stored in datacenter certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification.

Datacenter takes back up every day.

Let me know if you have any other question and hope you liked this software.



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