watch_later 10/12/18

I have uploaded the bulk GSTN for verification and still, I am waiting for the result on my mail id.

Today is the last date for filling of TCS return so please let me know when I will get the data.

why its taking too much time??

Contact - 8097506002

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watch_later 10/12/18

I have shared on the mail. please do the needful at the earliest.

watch_later 10/12/18

The system does not take more than 2 minutes to give report file. However if you are not getting result its possible that file is wrongly formatted.

Please note everything is automated and we do not do anything manually.

can you send the file to updates@ for checking. I will check and tell you if there is any issue with file. All GST numbers should be of 16 length, otherwise it will not accept.

Also try to change email id as sometime company id's block external mails.


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