watch_later 10/08/18

Suggestion please<br>

Inspite of giving gst no <br>

Seller Made bill in person name of and filed in b2c<br>

Buyer has claimed the itc<br>

Purchase date - 26/7/2017<br>

What to do<br>

Itc amount 2980<br>

(no 1 who runs the business cant let go the itc)<br>

Mistake done was i blindly claimed the itc without see the company name<br>

I have only the hardcopy of this bill<br>

Repeatedly gone to the shop for bill issue<br>

What can be done<br>

Please help.

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watch_later 10/08/18

As per GST rules, you cannot claim unless Bill has your GST number and seller uploads bill in B2B and provides your GSTIN.

Seller has already filed return, however he has the option to amend invoice details in GSTR-1. Follow up with seller if he can correct your mistake.


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